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Timeless moments at the Museum of Romantic Life

Timeless moments at the Museum of Romantic Life

Discover a haven of peace in the heart of Nouvelle Athènes (New Athens), far from the hustle and bustle of department stores, tourist attractions and Parisian nights. This district, created from scratch in the 19th century, is where you can find the former studio of the artist Ary Scheffer, a place in which the great figures of French artistic and intellectual life once gathered. Today, it is the Musée de la Vie Romantique (Museum of Romantic Life), a place out of time.


The yesteryear charm of the Museum of Romantic Life

The charming Museum of Romantic Life has been beautifully preserved and to step inside is to be immersed in history and an atmosphere which the likes of Delacroix, Chopin, George Sand, Liszt, Rossini and Dickens once enjoyed. Various permanent and temporary exhibitions of paintings, photos, graphic arts, fine arts, documents and artefacts celebrate this fruitful and creative era.


Time for tea at the Rose Bakery

To prolong the pleasure of a visit or simply to get away from the bustle of the Parisian streets, take a moment to sit amidst the roses and enjoy the hospitality of the Rose Bakery tea room of the Museum of Romantic Life. Here you can munch on cakes and scones, pies and small savoury treats, accompanied by a cup of tea or a gourmet hot chocolate. The atmosphere is deliciously peaceful, and you’ll be tempted to linger to leaf through a book or just enjoy the sweetness of the air. This relatively little-known place is an absolute delight.


When you stay at the Hotel Opera Vivaldi, in one of the liveliest areas of Paris, you’ll enjoy monuments, shopping, cultural outings and gourmet evenings. At the heart of it all is the tranquillity of the Museum of Romantic Life and its Rose Bakery tea room...

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