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Ocean; a Dive into the Unknown takes you into the mysterious abyss

Ocean; a Dive into the Unknown takes you into the mysterious abyss

Ocean; A Dive into the Unknown, the major new exhibition at the National Museum of Natural History, plunges you into the depths of the oceans, a territory that covers 71% of the surface of the Earth. Treat yourself and your family to a wonderful experience and join Jules Verne some 20,000 leagues under the sea to discover a world of breathtaking biodiversity!


A world of the microscopic and the giant, the unsuspected and the threatened

A world that is strange and mysterious to us because it is so difficult to access, the ocean holds many secrets, including a fascinating wealth of life and a biodiversity on which our own survival may depend.

In the oceans adjacent to our planet’s land masses is a marine world inhabited by microscopic creatures that seem utterly alien to our land-dwelling populations. This exhibition educates visitors on the threat humankind poses to the inhabitants of this watery abyss.

Thanks to interactive devices such as immersive dives, combined with a giant 360° audio-visual show, you will discover beautiful fauna which, although invisible to the naked eye, nevertheless plays a key role in the wellbeing of life on a global scale.

You will also meet a fantastic bestiary populated with coelacanths, huge sponges and giant squids who will share some of their secrets.


The story of the conquest of the seabed

The unplumbed depths of our seas and oceans have always fascinated humankind, stimulating the urge to explore such challenging regions as the Marianas Trench, the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean, some 11,000 metres below sea level!

The exhibition tells you about the equipment used to explore the oceans, from a 16th century diving bell and 19th century diving suits to the famous Nautile, a manned French submersible commissioned in 1984 that can be operated at depths of up to 6,000 metres.



- Exposition "Océan, une plongée insolite"

Photo credit : © MNHN - Tin-Yam Chan

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